Rose Wild Alchemy


"I've known Kimber for over three years, and I've always known her to be empathetic and professional. In her life coaching, she gives me concrete things to employ. Her suggestions spring from love, so they usually reproduce love and success in my life and relationships. Kimber understands people yet she challenges me to grow. I highly recommended Kimber for Life and Relationship Coaching!" Meg O, South Carolina

"Tara is the most gifted esthitician I have ever had the pleasure of receiving a facial from. Her combination of intent with mastery of products and modalities has elevated my skin and at home care. You will fully supported in your skin care journey." Kim, Maine

"Kimber is a Master Manifestor and I have had the opportunity to receive insight, coaching and healing that has given me a springboard to living my best life. Her approach is practical, grounded in reality and heart-centered. In the 3 years I have been working with her, my life has changed for the better exponentially." Sara, North Carolina

"Jennifer is my go to therapist as a massage therapist! She is intuitive, gifted, and dedicated to her craft and it shows from start to finish." Kim, Maine

"Kimber is the most talented massage therapist I have ever worked with. I suffered from migraines for years, and she has given me a new lease on life!" Mandy, Wyoming

"Kimber is beyond a massage therapist. She is a healer and guru of the highest caliber. When she added sound healing to our massages, I watched, not only my body shift but every aspect of my being. She is big magic (though she will tell me that I am the one who is magic, once she reads this). Ashley, Maine

"Kimber is such a healer and has helped me in so many unimaginable ways. If you want a better quality of life and to learn tools for greater happiness, this is the place to go. Working with her you can count that more love, peace, and happiness is headed your way! Thank you for all you do, Ms. Kimber" Lisa, Alaska

"It is quite obvious Kimber loves what she does and respects her clients. She gives a GREAT massage and is trained in many techniques.  I have known her for over two years and she still surprises me with new information to help me relax, and to heal. I would highly recommend Kimber to anyone interested in finding a new therapist. She is a gifted professional, a kind soul and has a mind that needs to continuously learn." Scott, Portsmouth NH