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Welcome to Wellness!

Each of our services is designed to meet you, right where you are at, and allow you to lean into your own alchemy of wellness. We will work with you to create your own perfect time of self-care and reflection. Every one of our treatments incorporates resonance therapy (sound healing), in some fashion, and has been created as a way to bring the art of what we do into life. Each therapist and aesthetician, at RW, is an artist and master of their craft. Resonance (sound) Therapy is at the heart of everything we do at Rose Wild Alchemy. To learn more, click HERE.

Each bodywork and facial service comes with a Biomat treatment ($70-$120 value per treatment). Instead of a traditional heating pad, which produces and emits excess EMF's, Rose Wild has chosen that every aspect of your service be therapeutic, including the type of heat we provide. Every single person in this planet is experiencing stress and inflammation. Biomats are FDA approved as a device to help reduce inflammation in the body. You will experience a wholesome and gentle warmth that relieves pain, improves circulation, and speeds the healing of soft tissue. Biomats do have some contraindications, such as pregnancy, and everyone will be properly screened before use.

Please note: For your convenience, an automatic 20% gratuity, in addition to treatment costs, will be added to ALL spa services at checkout (price listed is for services only), as per the current industry standard (does not include group classes, yoga, or sound.) You will have the option to adjust this at checkout to your preference, of course. As of June 1, 2022 ALL appointments must have a credit card on file. 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change your appointment or the card will be charged full price. We appreciate your understanding. 


Integrated Alchemy Massage

60 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $180

A flowing intuitive massage that begins with a consultation designed to create the perfect combination of modalities for your individual needs. Our gifted alchemist/ massage therapist will "journey" with you, to meet your body where it is at and allow it to unfold into a state of rest and wellness. Massage pressure can range from light to medium and is designed to draw the body into a deep state of relaxation. Optional herbally infused oils, designed to encourage relaxation, are available. Your massage will close with a beautiful moment with sound healing bowls. (Firm to deep pressure requests will be upgraded to the Therapeutic Alchemy Massage.)

Therapeutic Alchemy Massage

60 minutes: $135
90 minutes: $195

A deeply intuitive massage designed to focus on maximizing your experience through the use of appropriate therapeutic tools and modalities. The massage pressure is customizable and ranges from medium to firm pressure for those needing to address a wide variety of issues. A consultation with our talented alchemist massage therapist results in a personalized custom treatment plan, based on YOUR needs, in order to help relieve pain and/or address specific issues within the body. The treatment works really well for focused issues, injury recovery, migraines, neck and shoulder issues, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, stress reduction, etc. while utilizing a wide range of possible tools which may include focal point deep tissue, Thai Stretching, Energy Work, Cupping, Trigger Point, or Myofascial Release. A muscle-focused herbal oil blend can optionally be added to this beautiful treatment.

CBD Vibe Massage

60 minutes: $145
90 minutes: $215

A deeply indulgent massage using a full spectrum organic CBD (hemp oil) will soothe muscles and encourage the reduction of inflammation in the skin, muscles, and joints of the body. Massage is fully customizable and pressure is light to firm dependent on preference. The session will end with a gentle sound healing bowl experience. 

Warm Energy Balancing Stone Massage

60 minutes: $125
90 minutes: $185


A deeply relaxing full-body massage experience that is a subtle balance of physical and energetic alchemy. This beautiful treatment uses warm basalt and Himalayan salt stones combined for deep muscle relaxation and overall energetic wellbeing. By combining a series of strokes with warm stones your body is encouraged to release tension and stress much more deeply and quickly than with a traditional massage. The overall experience is very relaxing and nurturing. Aromatic Essential oils of your choice are optional to deepen connection and focus. Pressure is fully customizable.

Table Thai Massage

90 minutes: $195

Rose Wild's Table Thai Massage incorporates stretching, pressure point release, gently guided stretch-like poses (based on your abilities and respect of limitations) to allow the body to unfold into wellness.  This beautiful experience increases circulation enhances flexibility, encourages the release of muscle tension, as well as supports healthy detox through gentle lymphatic flow techniques to promote homeostasis within the body.  No oil is applied, so please dress comfortably as you will be fully clothed throughout the massage.

Mama Rose (Prenatal)

60 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $180

Your journey to motherhood is about energetically honoring the transition into a new stage in life.  Whether this is a first pregnancy or a subsequent one, you will emerge from this experience refreshed and renewed. Prenatal massage is designed to relax your mind, nurture your changing body, and bring tranquility to your spirit as you prepare for your next stages of motherhood. Pure organic unscented lotion and advanced body positioning will support your ultimate safety and comfort during our time together.

Baby Moon- Duo

60 minutes: $240
90 minutes: $360

Inclusive of all couples. Whether you are adopting, awaiting a traditional birth, or "parenthood" by any other means, prepare yourself and your loved one by energetically honoring transition into a new stage in life. Whether this is a first pregnancy or a subsequent one, you will emerge from this experience refreshed and renewed. You will enter the Baby Moon retreat and your alchemists will work with you both to design the perfect massage based on your needs. 

Couple's Bliss

60 minutes: $240
90 minutes: $360

A flowing intuitive couples massage that begins with a consultation designed to create the perfect combination of modalities for each of  your individual needs. Our gifted alchemists/ massage therapists will journey together, with you,  to meet your body where it is at and allow it to unfold into a state of rest and wellness. Massage pressure can range from light to firm and is designed to draw the body into a deep state of relaxation. Herbally infused oils, designed to encourage relaxation are optional. Price is reflective to include both people. 


Rose Wild Renewal

90 minutes: $195

With the changing of seasons, we can take the time to relax and renew. This beautiful  massage and body wrap is seasonally inspired to be the perfect alchemy to recharge your batteries! You'll begin your experience with a client focused massage with a seasonally inspired moisture rich body butter followed by a seasonally inspired face mask while you are wrapped in warmth to show the body to absorb the nutrient rich body butter masque. 

Spring (Feb- April) Awakening the warmth with the promise of spring with our ginger rose products.

Summer (May-July) Bring on the Sun with our brightening inspired citrus with undertones of light mint products.

Fall (Aug- Oct) Harvest of the Heart as we moved forward into the changing season and sweater weather with pumpkin and vanilla spice products.

Winter (Nov- Jan) Rest easy and enjoy the season with our spruce, cinnamon, and vanilla inspired products.

Rose Wild Undaria Chrysalis

120 minutes: $285

Delight the senses and embrace optimal self-care with our Wild Rose Undaria Chrysalis. Your journey will begin with gentle dry brushing (encourages healthy circulation and lymphatic flow) to the entire body  followed by a luxurious lightly scented tulsi rose foot scrub.  Melt away all cares with our long rhythmic Swedish massage using a beautiful skin-nourishing Undaria body oil that delivers a rush of antioxidant mineral hydration, designed to soften, nourish, and firm skin. Finally, a beautiful rose mask will hydrate delicate facial skin while you bask in the warmth and comfort of a body wrap to encourage healthy balance, as a meditative sound bowl experience completes your chrysalis. The dry brush is yours to take home for self-care. 

Herbal Alchemy Body Wrap

120 minutes: $300

Your journey to meditative relaxation will begin with a gentle dry brushing followed by a chai inspired warming ginger and herbal poultice body treatment. As you sink into bliss a decadent lightly scented body butter with herbal mix of tulsi, ginger, and a hint of rose, will be applied using long Swedish strokes that will bring warmth and comfort to you're entire system.  A herbal foot scrub will have you swooning in delight as will the rose petal pearl polish for the hands and decadent facial massage using our house blend balancing facial oil. Lastly, a gentle sound bowl experience will help you too deeply connect and ground. The results are profound and lasting. 

Wild Rose, Sticks, & Stones

90 minutes: $210

The most profound of experiences begins with  handmade Thai-inspired compresses filled with tulsi basil, rose petals, and ancient grains. Warm stones and bamboo massage sticks are incorporated into a flowing massage to allow the body to sink into stillness and deep relaxation. A deeply hydrating body butter is applied and you will be wrapped in a cocoon of warmth while a delicious scalp massage sends you further into bliss. A heart-centered sound session will finish your time with your alchemist/massage therapist. 



Per Elevation: $25

Elevations are not stand alone services and must be added to other treatments. You may choose 1 or as many as you like. An additional 5 minutes will be added to your massage time per elevation. 

Options Include:

Foot Scrub (choice of scrub)

Back Polish (delightful blueberry and himalayan salt)

Hand Polish (decadent rose petals and pearl polish)

Dry Brush (brush is yours to take home)

Eye Gels (cooling and soothing)

Full Face Bubbly Rose Mask ($25)




Resonance & Massage Balancing Alchemy

90 minutes: $180

This heart-centered session is designed to integrate massage, meditation, ancient & modern sound techniques, and gemstone balancing into one beautiful session. Specialized tuning forks and sound bowls are used on and near the body to promote awareness, deep meditative relaxation, and realignment to the body's natural and harmonious rhythm. Crystals and gemstones are thought to resonate with certain properties and are used as a physical and visual aide to remind one to draw into their life the things they wish to bring into awareness. When coupled with a personalized unique massage the effects for mind, body, and spirit are profound and restorative. Throughout this whole-person experience, you will be directed to tap into your body's innate ability to find balance. 

Alchemy Resonance Therapy

60 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $180

A whole body and spirit "tune up" designed to bring you into deeper awareness through relaxation. Therapeutic Sound and Energy Resonance is a form of vibrational therapy that allows the body and mind to experience a meditative state effortlessly. It is becoming accepted and understood sound can harmonize the human energetic-field and allow the body to unfold into equilibrium physically and emotionally. Ancient and modern sound techniques are combined with energy work to bring about a profound and moving experience. Harmonic resonance through the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, and gongs is designed to shift the body from stress to ease. 

During the session, your energetic field will be assessed and tuners will immerse your field in vibration. This therapy is highly restorative and relaxing. Singing bowls will then bathe you in sound, enveloping your senses in an acoustic field designed to calm you body, mind, and spirit. Profound opportunity for healing and relaxation occurs seemingly effortlessly. If you have never experienced a sound "bath" this is the perfect opportunity to dive in!

Rose Wild Revival

90 minutes: $395

Embark on a journey towards ultimate relaxation with this 4 HAND (two therapists!) massage. A combination of techniques will move you into a state of unparalleled tranquility. Your time will begin with a gentle dry brushing treatment designed to encourage healthy lymphatic flow, followed by a warmed lightly scented tulsi-rose herbal oil that will encourage the body to dislodge toxins. Then, muscle-specific strokes are used to promote the height of relaxation. A divine foot scrub will ease away tensions. Finally, your alchemists will use Marma Point Sound therapy in order to stimulate balanced energy flow. The grand finale includes a dual heart centered sound bath resulting in a complete revival of mind, body, and spirit. 

Elemental Aromatic Massage and Resonance

60 minutes: $155

Immerse yourself in wellness through this divine body treatment that focuses on the back, feet, and neck to allow you to experience a gentle unfolding. A specific raindrop application of therapeutic grade essential oils (doTerra) accompanied by light touch application will delight your senses and encourage trust in your elemental divine birthright to wholeness. It is traditionally believed this combination of oils possibly promotes detoxification and healthy immune support. Lastly you will be immersed in a sound "bath" to bring about profound relaxation. 

Cellulite Be Gone

90 minutes: $205

Fascia Blasting is taking the nation by storm. It’s the latest treatment for cellulite reduction and inch loss developed by Ashley Black. Are you Blasting? Perhaps, you should be! For cellulite reduction, we have designed a therapeutic and holistic approach to help address the issue.

These are best done in regular sequence. No guarantee of efficacy is stated or implied. No medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment is implied and as with all modalities, guests should check with their health care provider prior to booking. 

Fascia is the system of connective tissue fibers that lay just under the surface of our skin. It is a highly organized mesh and its job is to attach, stabilize, enclose and separate muscle and internal organs. Constriction can occur in this system and create the appearance of cellulite. By addressing the constriction, cellulite can be greatly diminished.  We utilize many tools (warm stones, cupping, gua sha, and fascia blasters) and modalities to address "adhesions" in the fascia in order to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The FasciaBlaster ® is the only device on the market proving to break through the fascia, the body’s connective tissue, that can cause unsightly cellulite as well as restrict blood flow and nerve supply. The Fascia Blaster® is designed to break up fascial adhesions, smooths out the fascial sheath below the skin, and allow the body to take a more natural form, so fat does not push through “dimpled” sheath”, the appearance of cellulite diminished or lessened, skin looks more vibrant, muscle definition shows through.

What is included in a Fascia Blasting® Treatment?

Our Fascia Blasting Treatments are 90 minutes long – we start by heating up your body for 15 minutes with our warmed table and body wrap. Our expert therapist will spend 60 minutes blasting your entire body, section by section focusing on those areas of greatest concern with targeted and specific tools followed by massage techniques to help flush the possible toxins from your body. The final 15 minutes are spent bringing the body into a relaxed state of being as you end your session.

What you should know before booking: 

During your first visit, you will be asked to complete new client forms and provide details of your current medical condition. If you currently have an auto-immune disease, blood clots, a recent cancer diagnosis (within the past 5 tears), or diabetes you are not a candidate for fascia blasting. If you have had recent surgery, we recommend waiting a minimum of 12 weeks before you begin blasting and only with your doctor's consent. Your therapist will review your current medical condition with you prior to treatment to make sure fascia blasting is the right treatment for you.

Fascia Blasting may cause bruising, especially if we are breaking through one of the fascial layers. Restoring fascia can mean bruises – but not always and not everyone bruises. The bruises are typically small and heal quickly.
Occasionally you may have a large purplish bruise. It’s ok. Fascia restoration bruises are healthy, restorative, and cleansing. However, we will take care to reduce the likelihood and take a gentle approach to this method. 

Fascia blasting should not be painful. We consider fascia blasting for cellulite reduction a journey, not a sprint. We try to make your fascia blasting treatment as comfortable as possible. We work through your fascial layers slowly, however, it isn’t uncommon for you to feel sore afterward, so please keep this in mind!

Detox can be an issue. Fascia Blasting opens up tissue and whatever was stored in that tissue is released into your body. When toxins are released, you can experience any number of symptoms from rashes and bumps to flu-like symptoms, to emotional detox. It’s important to drink plenty of water to help your system flush the toxins out of your body.
Consistency with fascia blasting is important. Just like exercise and eating right. If you aren’t keeping up with treatments, your body will rapidly return to its former condition. We definitely recommend that you purchase a fascia blaster for use at home. We’ll do your full body blasting while you keep up with maintenance during the time between treatments.

Advanced Healing Services

Crystal & Sound Healing Alchemy

60 minutes: $145

A beautiful combination utilizing crystals, focused guided meditation,  Reiki, and sound healing to allow your body to unfold into its optimum place of wellbeing. A quantum internal journey of a lifetime.  

Harmonic Resonance Fibonacci Sequencing

90 minutes: $225

Advanced elevated alchemical session is designed to integrate massage and energy healing meditation with ancient & modern sound techniques into one beautiful session. Session is only intended for those who have participated in advanced meditative, energy work, and healing practices.

Specialized massage and energy work are paired with Fibonacci tuning forks and alchemal singing bowls, on and near the body, to promote a deeper mind-body connection as well as promote spiritual and emotional balance. 

Fibonacci Tuners are a part of a continuum of sound thought to spiral in and out of different coexisting realities, relying on the quantum theory that time is a construct that doesn't actually exist, and souls can exist simultaneously on multiple planes of existence. This session is designed to integrate all places of existence into the NOW you are experiencing and balance connection with the universal healing field. 

Furthermore, Fibonacci Tuning Forks are designed to resonate with the pathway of consciousness from the sphenoid/pituitary axis to the pineal gland. The main purpose being to open energetic gateways into alternate realities and the opportunity to explore higher states of consciousness, in order to empower the creative healing responses. These powerful tools are precisely tuned "seashells" and through this experience the receiver is encouraged to tap into the "realities within realities."

Please remember no part of this service is meant to diagnose or treat any condition(s). Always consult with your health care provider about any and all alternative practices. 

Reiki w/ Intuitive Oracle Readings

30 minutes: $65
60 minutes: $130

Mini & Full Sessions available.  Reiki with Oracle and Intuitive readings for encouragement, growth, and a little entertainment.

 For those of you not familiar with oracle cards or intuitive readings, each person has their own belief systems about them and what they mean and how to use them. 

We look at them as a way to tap into archetypal symbols or as an opportunity to help you look deeper into conscious or unconscious beliefs and patterns, in order to see where there might be the opportunity for growth or change- either personally or in circumstances you find yourself in.

 We don’t view readings as a way to “for tell future events” – although the nature of intuitive guidance can sometimes feel this way - where you are at at will give clues as to where you’re going.

These readings give time to pause- to know where a person is at right now and where they want to go… what things do they need to look at- acknowledge or shift in order to become the person they are meant to be? 

These cards can help provide a quiet moment to do this- to ask those DEEP  internal questions. 

Readings can help notice hidden obstacles in your path in an effort to help you make conscious choices about your future. They are a way to understand yourself better. 

Combined with Reiki- these readings can help change the trajectory and provide the possibility for great clarity and healing! 

These seasons include a biomat treatment during your reading, guided meditation, Oracle cards, and sound healing in one of our beautiful treatment rooms!

Reiki and Sound

60 minutes: $120

The ultimate in healing and restorative combinations. Your alchemist will invite you into the ultimate state of relaxation with a beautiful sound attunement and Reiki experience. Wear comfortable clothing. Reiki is a form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. A sound attunement will utilize a wide range of sound tools to bring you into a deep state of relaxed meditative awareness. This is the most profound and gentle of treatments. 

Reiki and Sound (2 Alchemists)

60 minutes: $240

The ultimate in healing and restorative combinations. Two therapists will "tag-team" to create beautiful sound bath and Reiki experience. Wear comfortable clothing. Reiki is a form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. A sound bath will utilize a wide range of sound bowls to bring you into a deep state of relaxation. With the combination of modalities and two alchemists your results will be lasting , profound, and quite possibly  life changing.


The unique alchemy of our facials is designed to be all inclusive of all people by providing unique care centered on your needs and life experiences. True alchemy harmonizes outer appearance goals with internal heart centered awareness. Your facial experience will create a meditative space for you to lean into your glorious expression of self-care. Our highly trained estheticians will design a meditative facial experience based on you and your needs. We have partnered with HAIA (Happy As I Am), a 360-degree wellness brand that celebrates inclusion and individual expression. As with all treatments, a complimentary bio-mat therapy session ($70- $120 value) will be included.

Signature Alchemy Facial

60 minutes: $130
90 minutes: $195

Sink into stillness and bliss during our Signature Alchemy Facial. Our trained skin-care "alchemist" will analyze your skin and customize your treatment using a perfect combination of Haia globally organic skin care and innovative facial contouring protocols to meet your skin's needs. A unique and a cutting edge tuning sound experience will relax facial muscles and release facial tension. You will end your session with a heart-centered sound therapy session that will leave you feeling connected (mind, body, and spirit). All skin types.

Gentlemen's Facial

60 minutes: $130
90 minutes: $195

Our gentleman's facial is specifically designed for male skin needs, which are often shaving-related, such as razor burn, or include other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness using our amazing need-based skin care line (beard oil included as needed).  This deep-pore cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation, toning facial will have you feeling and looking your best. It is followed by a vigorous scalp, facial, neck, and shoulder massage as well as high frequency comb that will rejuvenate scalp and beard and has shown to be helpful in stimulating hair growth. Great way to prepare for a wedding or date night!

Sea-d of Life Facial

60 minutes: $140
90 minutes: $220

Age optimizing and brightening treatment designed to reboot, reset and refocus body, mind, and spirit.  Your facial alchemist will design a perfect facial regimen just for you that will hydrate and exfoliate to bring back radiance to your skin while using innovative sound techniques to rejuvenate the soul. This Vitamin C (sea) based treatment uses the highest quality organic skincare from our HAIA skincare line, as well as a beautiful facial massage designed to lift and brighten. Lastly a tuning facial session will relieve any facial tension and leave you glowing for days!

Your experience will include an affirmation and a take-home sea-d of life grid with crystal to continue your reset and refocus at home. 

Practically Magical Facial

90 minutes: $195

A gloriously magical facial deeply rooted in the science and alchemy of high-frequency and oxygen lifting designed to hydrate your skin and support natural collagen. This facial is based on your current skin fluctuations as this customized treatment adapts while your skin improves and changes with each session. Your esthetician will create a potent combination of practical magic to normalize and nourish your skin, leaving you with a natural radiance. Perfect for all skin types.

Zen Zen Begin Again Facial

90 minutes: $225

Zen and the divine art of the facial is the perfect description for this fantastic experience. It is as if you can hit the reset button and begin again! Our highly trained skin-care "alchemist" will analyze your skin and customize your treatment using a perfect combination of Haia globally organic skin care coupled with  gua sha facial protocols and Thai inspired herbal facial compresses to meet your skin's needs in the most profound of ways. A unique and a cutting edge tuning sound experience will relax facial muscles, release facial tension, encourage healthy lymph flow, decrease the appearance of fine lines, and improve over all skin quality. You will end your session with a root to heart-centered sound therapy session that will leave you feeling connected (mind, body, and spirit). 

This service is best as a series in order to see the greatest improvement. Your alchemist will show you at home care and we have optional take home gua sha tools for your purchase to maximize your results. 

Elevated Alchemy Facial

90 minutes: $225

Rose Wild Contouring and Rejuvenating Facial is designed to bring new life to the muscles of the face with specialized strokes that will tone, firm, and help to regain a more youthful appearance OR maintain one. Our alchemist take this concept one step further using specialized massage strokes, combined with sound tools, in order to optimize lift. 

This nurturing service includes facial, as well as massage shoulders, and neck. Focus relies on specialized facial massage. strokes designed to lift, tone, and firm facial muscles, leaving a glowing state of profound relaxation FOR DAYS!  You will literally not find any service like this anywhere else. It's truly one of a kind!

Results are more profound when service is repeated in a series. Sound Healing included.

Simply Glowing

60 minutes: $155
90 minutes: $215

A perfectly balanced facial designed for congested skin blemish prone, and problematic skin. Deeply exfoliating treatment will loosen dirt and debris in the pores while you relax. Extractions can be performed to remove impurities and cell build up from the pores. A balanced Australian pink mud and charcoal mask will tighten and detoxify the pores, followed by an LED light treatment and finished by application of a divine in house made serum designed to soothe irritation and heal breakouts.YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU!f


CBD Vibe Facial

60 minutes: $165
90 minutes: $245

A beautiful vibe is what you'll walk away from with this CBD combination service. Your alchemist will seamlessly weave personalized skincare from Haia with a decadent CBD honey mask and serum from Moon Mother Hemp Co. Experience the profound effects only full spectrum CBD can provide. Additionally, Additionally experience the uplifting benefits of red light therapy. Lastly, you'll sink into bliss with a body-balancing sound healing session.  It’s not only a facial but a relaxing and unique experience for your body and mind as well. 

Couture Designer Peels

45 minutes: $150

Lightetning Lift: An ultra-lightening treatment to lighten pigmentation and brighten the skin, giving a more even toned, and rejuvenated complexion. Our specialized peel contains an effective blend of lactic and kojic acids to brighten, along with chamomile to reduce inflammation and vitamin C to brighten. This is also a great anti-aging treatment for someone who is looking for a more intense treatment than their regular facials. Note:  To treat pigmentation, a course of four is recommended. Reiki and Sound will follow.

Wrinkle Lift: Let's be honest for a moment. Most of us head into aging kicking and screaming. We take a bit of a different approach at RW. We embrace where we are at and optimize where we are able! If aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles are your top concern, Our wrinkle lift peel will leave your skin looking and feeling smoother, firmer and brighter. This ultra-resurfacing peel combines glycolic acid and retinol to actively reduce the appearance of fine lines by exfoliating dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier. Expect your skin to glow! Consistent scheduled use is encouraged. Reiki and Sound will follow.

*Stand alone coutoure designer peels should not be combined with a same day facial treatments*


Tier One: $25
Tier Two: $35
Tier Three: $50

All facial elevations have their own prices and additional time allowances. Allow our facial alchemists to help you find the perfect combination of ways to elevate your skin care to the NEXT LEVEL! Some elevations require advanced booking in order to allow for proper time. Elevations are not stand alone services and must be added to other treatments. You may choose 1 or as many as you like. 

Tier One Options Include: You may choose 1 or as many as you like. An additional 5 minutes will be added to your massage time per elevation. 

Foot Scrub (choice of scrub) 

Back Polish (delightful blueberry and Himalayan salt)

Hand Polish (decadent rose petals and pearl polish)

Dry Brush (full body and brush is yours to take home)

Eye Gels (cooling and soothing)

Full Face Bubbly Rose Mask ($30)


Tier Two Options Include: 

LED Light: There’s nothing like LED therapy for your best glow-up ever. non-invasive beauty treatment that exposes your skin to light energy, which is then absorbed into the surface at various depths to stimulate reactions within the skin. This promotes cellular growth and repair and gives you a healthy, youthful glow. Depending on wavelengths and the types of light used, this treatment has a range of benefits and may treat anything from aging skin and acne to more complex issues like rosacea. During your time with the LED a choice of a gentle scalp massage or Reiki can be performed by your alchemist.

NuFace Micro current: As we age, our body's natural current slowly starts to break down, causing sagging skin, loss of contour, and the appearance of wrinkles. Micro current re-energizes  your skin’s natural current, as it slows with age. This boost of energy travels beyond the surface of the skin to help address signs of aging, instantly and over time improves over all appearance. Nuface with Hyaluronic Serum $$10/ additional.

Tier Three Options Include:

Nano Needle Infusion ( pain-free method to infuse the skin with hyaloronic that stimulates collagen production in the skin and can help combat wrinkles, acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, and other skin blemishes using your body’s own repair process.  

Derma-planing is a manual exfoliation meant to be performed primarily on the face. A tool is used on the face that gently scrapes away the top layer of problem skin and removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple. Removal of this outer layer of dead skin cells and fine hair enhances the penetration and speed of your personal skin care regimen. Brightens and smoothes skin tone. It is recommended that the procedure be done every 3 to 4 weeks (or once a month), which coincides with a normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days.


Tulsi-Rose Glow

90 minutes: $210

A quintessential Maine-inspired treatment beginning with a full-body brushing, application of house-made tulsi- rose body butter, and body wrap.  As your body melts away the tension and resets your facial journey begins. A sonic slider sound healing facial treatment will relax and rejuvenate tired skin, then using appropriate Haia ingredients, your alchemist will meet your skin where it’s at for a beautiful facial session. 

The incorporation of tulsi and rose ensures deep hydration and healing. tulsi and rose  are abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, rosehip oil encourages tissue repair. Glowing skin is the result. This is THE perfect Alchemy for even the most sensitive of all skin types. You will take the dry brush home for self care.Heart-centered affirmations and sound therapy will reboot your entire being. Sink into Wellness with us. 

As with all treatments, a complimentary bio-mat therapy session ($70- $120 value) will be included.

Elevated Alchemy Experience

120 minutes: $300

A beautiful and luxurious rejuvenating facial and facial lifting massage paired with sound healing, and energy alignment. The facial is designed for all skin types but most supportive maturing skin or those wishing to enhance their skin's natural youth. We use the highest quality organic products from haia

Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered that gently applying pressure to certain parts of the body relieved pain and tension as well as benefited other parts of the body that were remote from the pain or point of pressure. In more modern thought, acupressure can be used to reduce tension, improve skin conditions and relax facial muscles. Rose Wild Rejuvenating Facial and Facial Massage is designed to stimulate the muscles of the face with specialized strokes that will tone, firm, and help to regain a more youthful appearance OR maintain one. Our alchemist take this concept one step further using specialized massage strokes, combined with sound tools, in order to optimize lift. 

This nurturing service includes facial, warming body wrap, warm Himalayan stones placed to align the energy centers, as well as a decadent rose Pearl hand polish and massage to the feet, shoulders, neck, and scalp. Focus relies on specialized facial massage strokes designed to lift, tone, and firm facial muscles, leaving a glowing state of profound relaxation FOR DAYS! 

Aesthetics Ala Cart

Services listed below are stand alone services. They can be purchased with other services or not at your discretion. 

Hair Removal


Our decadent waxing and hair removal services utilize the most natural product on the market. Honey Comb Wac Co. was founded by an aesthitician who believes mother nature has given us everything we need to survive and that what we put on our skin matters! These products contain no phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance. There are no harsh plastics or chemicals! Experience the difference!


Brow Shaping $20                                                                     Upper Back $25

Lip $12                                                                                        Lower Back $25

Chin $12                                                                                      Full Back $55

Full Face $50                                                                               Underarm $20

                               Full Waxing Services are coming Soon

The Alchemy of Resonance (Sound Healing)

30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40

A Group Sound Immersion is a beautiful way to unfold into relaxation and wellness. The sessions are an intuitively guided meditative sound experience that is created with intention. Using a variety of sound tools including crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and chimes, your sound alchemist will create harmonic tones and specific frequencies that balance the chakras and energetic fields of the receiver. Please see our Calendar for our daily schedules. 

All sound class participants are asked to be vaccinated to attend. 

Private Sessions and Groups are welcome. Call for more details. 




Quantum Alchemy Yoga

60 minutes: $20

Yoga is a practice that seeks the union of the polarities of wisdom and energy to transform the understanding of self to encompass our divine nature within the reality in which we find ourselves. We are not just flesh and bone but each possess the divine spark, life force, or what is called prana. Quantum Alchemy yoga seeks to allow space for each individual to unfold into their personally unique state of wellbeing. Our small group classes are designed to give you the ability to settle into wellness and embrace your body where it is, right now. Each class is personalized and is designed to empower you to lean into restoration. Each yoga class finishes with a wonderful sound bath experience. Please see our Calendar Page for dates, times, and class descriptions, and schedules to find a class flow that is better suited to your needs. 

Class size is limited to ensure small focused classes and must be reserved in advance! We are asking that all participants be vaccinated for group classes. We use the honor system. 

Private instruction is also available by appointment. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Facial Rejuvenation Alchemy Class

60 minutes: $125

Perhaps you have been wondering what you can do to lift your face that doesn't involve more invasive techniques like injections or surgery? This is where face yoga may be your answer. It is a great way to naturally lift the face and help you feel calmer on the inside too. People joke, that at almost fifty, Kimber is aging in reverse. She attributes this to facial yoga combined with regular facials, sound, and Gua sha treatments. 

In this course you will be introduced to some simple and effective face yoga techniques, and be guided on how to exercise the face, massage, and relax the muscles above the collarbone in a natural and safe and mindful way 

In this course you will learn:

  •  facial exercises for lifting and toning the muscles to tighten and firm the skin.
  • facial massage for lymphatic drainage and better circulation to help the face glow.
  • facial relaxation routine for easing stress and tension and preventing and softening expression lines.
  • Breathing techniques to feel calm and mindful.

Doing face yoga daily quite simply gives you your sparkle back. It gives the skin an immediate glow, and with regular daily practice, it helps the face look and feel lifted and firmer. Using your own hands, sound tools, rollers, and Gua sha tools. Face yoga allows you to help your face look the way you want it to look. You will have tools that last a lifetime to feel the very best version of yourself.

Rose Wild's specific alchemy combination of Facial Rejuvenation Yoga, sound tools, nutritional support, massage, and meditation creates a unique, meditative, and transformative experience.

Exercise shouldn't stop at the neck. There are 57 muscles in the face, head, and neck. These muscles need to be toned and strengthened just like those in the body. It is equally true we need to relax and massage these areas for them to feel and, in the case of the face and neck look, the best the very best they can.  Facial Rejuvenation Yoga and Self Massage really is a completely natural alternative to anti-aging remedies. By practicing a series of facial exercises and massage strokes you can learn to tone the muscles beneath the facial skin and increase facial circulation and blood flow which results in a more youthful and radiant complexion. 


Quantum Alchemy is a holistic wellness coaching style that honors the path you are on while unveiling the personal growth and holistic wellness tools, you need,  to help you lean in more fully to your best life. 

Meditation For Change

60 minutes: $75

A personalized and private session of guided meditation and hypnosis can be used to facilitate lasting change in the body, mind, and spirit. A light guided  mediation is used to help aid in healing and profound personal change. Many clients use this as a means to deeper their self-understanding, eliminate unwanted behaviors, or aid in the release of addictions.

Focus Areas can include but are not limited to: Smoking Cessation, Weight Release, Anxieties, and Phobias. **Please Call for full program description and costs for Weight Release (loss) and Smoking Cessation programs. There a 4, 8, and 12-week programs available s as well as single services. **

Quantum Alchemy Coaching

30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $150

Coaching a process that addresses personal goals and transitions of an individual or couple by examining what is going on in the present moment, obstacles that may be standing in the way of change, and choosing a course of action and tools which will move a person towards their greatest chance at success. It is designed to empower YOU to make decisions and take control of the life you wish to lead. Kimber believes you already possess, within you, everything you need to achieve your goals. She believes her role is to come alongside you and share ideas, accountability, tools, and cheerleading in order for you to dig deep and rise to the occasions you are wanting to manifest in your life. 

Quantum Alchemy Coaching is an amazing and life-transforming process by which your coach helps you access tools to move forward from the life you live into the life you wish to create. For more descriptive information please click HERE.

Far Infared Sauna

30 minutes: $30
45 minutes: $45
60 minutes: $60


Far infrared (FIR) saunas offer an array of benefits for your health and well-being, from detoxification and collagen renewal to stress reduction. Unlike traditional or steam saunas,  our pod utilizes panels that emit (safe) invisible infrared radiant energy, which deeply penetrate the body to warm your core temperature, triggering a variety of healing internal processes.

How of our sauna different than traditional saunas?
First, it is a fully restorative experience in that you recliner in a pod with your head exposed. We've found this reduces the discomfort some people find in an enclosed sauna room and provides a fully relaxing experience. 

The benefits can include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Detoxification

  • Pain Relief

  • Eliminate Stress & Tension

  • Full Cardiovascular Workout - lower blood pressure

  • Skin Health - renew collagen & elastin!

  • Strengthen Immune System

  • Melt Fat & Cellulite

  • Healing - heal damaged tissue, tendons, muscles, ligaments…


Usage recommendations?

Saunas are safe to use every day as long as there are no contraindications and you stay hydrated. You will most likely see results sooner if used everyday. The average person uses the sauna for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week, however, if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, less frequent use will also offer wonderful benefits! 

We offer packages for frequent sauna users! Ask for details!

Helping Hands Oncology Massage

60 minutes: $120


Our specially trained alchemist will allow you to unfold into a relaxed gentle attention to self care as you navigate the challenges of cancer and treatment with a safe and client focused plan. Our oncology massage is a client-specific, customized massage session designed to meet the unique and changing needs for those in treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer treatment..


 Offered Sundays and Mondays