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Welcome to Wellness!

Each of our services is designed to meet you, right where you are at, and allow you to lean into your own alchemy of wellness. We will work with you to create your own perfect time of self-care and reflection.

Each service comes with a Biomat treatment ($70-$120 value per treatment). Instead of a traditional heating pad, which produces and emits excess EMF's, Rose Wild has chosen that every aspect of your service be therapeutic, including the type of heat we provide. Every single person in this planet is experiencing stress and inflammation. Biomats are FDA approved as a device to help reduce inflammation in the body. You will experience a wholesome and gentle warmth that relieves pain, improves circulation, and speeds the healing of soft tissue. Biomats do have some contraindications, such as pregnancy, and everyone will be properly screened before use.

Please note: For your convenience, an automatic 20% gratuity, in addition to treatment costs, will be added to ALL spa services at checkout (price listed is for services only), as per the current industry standard. You will have the option to adjust this at checkout to your preference, of course. As of June 1, 2022 ALL appointments must have a credit card on file. 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change your appointment or the card will be charged full price. We appreciate your understanding

Announcement! As of September 19, 2023 massage and facial services will no longer be offered at Rose Wild Alchemy, HOWEVER, Kimber will be accepting clients across the street at River’s Edge Spa and Salon. You may book massage services with her there by calling (207) 985-3400


ThetaHealing With Sound Balancing

60 minutes: $185

ThetaHealing is a world-renowned meditative technique and spiritual philosophy developed by Vianna Stibal. Our alchemists begin your service with a focused individualized experience  to encourage you improve your mind body and spirit by helping you to connect with the Creator of All That Is  to witness yourown miracles inside and outside of the body. This technique is unique and profound to allow an unfolding into a glorious new and healed way of being. Your ThetaHealing Experience will be followed up with a beautiful sound healing experience. 

Learn More About the Benefits of ThetaHealing HERE

Learn More About the Benefits of Sound Healing HERE


ThetaHealing and Sound Healing are at THE HEART of everything we do here. 

Sound Tapping (EFT)

30 minutes: $65

A beautiful meditative sound and EFT / Tapping Service is designed to incorporate tapping with sound to side in the Release of fears, amorous, fears and phobias while helping manifest peace and calm. Specific Sound tools are used in the tapping points to amplify the experience and lead to prod relaxation and change- wonderful forcalmong the nervous system 

Reiki & Sound

60 minutes: $145

The ultimate in healing and restorative combinations. Your alchemist will invite you into the ultimate state of relaxation with a beautiful sound attunement and Reiki experience. Wear comfortable clothing. Reiki is a form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. A sound attunement will utilize a wide range of sound tools to bring you into a deep state of relaxed meditative awareness. This is the most profound and gentle of treatments. 

Elemental Aromatic Touch and Resonance

60 minutes: $155

Immerse yourself in wellness through this divine elevated treatment that focuses on a drop application of therapeutic grade essential oils (doTerra) the back, feet, and neck to allow you to experience a gentle unfolding that will delight your senses and encourage trust in your elemental divine birthright to wholeness. It is traditionally believed this combination of oils possibly promotes detoxification and healthy immune support. Lastly you will be immersed in a sound "bath" to bring about profound relaxation. 

"Sabai" Thai & Sound Massage

60 minutes: $150

In this advanced  session you will receive a sense of “sabai” ( peace) as your body is gently guided through this ancient form of massage. Guest is fully clothed ona mat on the floor while the practitioner combines acupressure, fully assisted thai yoga (at the level of the guest) and Tibetan bowl “massage” with bowls placed in the body to target specific relaxation points. 

Thai massage increases circulation enhances flexibility, releases tension as well encourages healthy lymphatic flow.  No oil is applied, so please dress comfortably as you will be fully clothed throughout the massage

Crystal & Sound Healing Alchemy

60 minutes: $145

A beautiful combination utilizing crystals, focused guided meditation,  Reiki, and sound healing to allow your body to unfold into its optimum place of wellbeing. A quantum internal journey of a lifetime.  

Angelic Resonance

75 minutes: $145

This meditative sound experience allows the practitioner to introduce you to divine guidance to help you walk more fully in your empowerment and resonate in love and light. 

Celtic Shamanic Sound Journey

90 minutes: $250

In this advanced session , your journey will begin with a Celtic sea salt foot soak with beautiful uplifting herbs, followed by a guided meditation experience,  to reach deep pathways of understanding emerging with a renewed sense of connection to your ancestors and the creator of all that is.

Session includes Sound bowls on and near the body, drumming, combined with the ancient art of Scottish saining, as a means to open and balance energetic pathways, provide etheric field clearing, and soul fragment retrieval/integration (where needed). Profound and Life Changing Experience.


Harmonic Resonance Fibonacci Sequencing

90 minutes: $225

Advanced elevated alchemical session is designed to integrate massage and energy healing meditation with ancient & modern sound techniques into one beautiful session. Session is only intended for those who have participated in advanced meditative, energy work, and healing practices.

Specialized massage and energy work are paired with Fibonacci tuning forks and alchemal singing bowls, on and near the body, to promote a deeper mind-body connection as well as promote spiritual and emotional balance. 

Fibonacci Tuners are a part of a continuum of sound thought to spiral in and out of different coexisting realities, relying on the quantum theory that time is a construct that doesn't actually exist, and souls can exist simultaneously on multiple planes of existence. This session is designed to integrate all places of existence into the NOW you are experiencing and balance connection with the universal healing field. 

Furthermore, Fibonacci Tuning Forks are designed to resonate with the pathway of consciousness from the sphenoid/pituitary axis to the pineal gland. The main purpose being to open energetic gateways into alternate realities and the opportunity to explore higher states of consciousness, in order to empower the creative healing responses. These powerful tools are precisely tuned "seashells" and through this experience the receiver is encouraged to tap into the "realities within realities."

Please remember no part of this service is meant to diagnose or treat any condition(s). Always consult with your health care provider about any and all alternative practices. 

Alchemy Resonance Therapy

60 minutes: $125

A whole body and spirit "tune up" designed to bring you into deeper awareness through relaxation. Therapeutic Sound and Energy Resonance is a form of vibrational therapy that allows the body and mind to experience a meditative state effortlessly. It is becoming accepted and understood sound can harmonize the human energetic-field and allow the body to unfold into equilibrium physically and emotionally. Ancient and modern sound techniques are combined with energy work to bring about a profound and moving experience. Harmonic resonance through the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, and gongs is designed to shift the body from stress to ease. 

During the session, your energetic field will be assessed and tuners will immerse your field in vibration. This therapy is highly restorative and relaxing. Singing bowls will then bathe you in sound, enveloping your senses in an acoustic field designed to calm you body, mind, and spirit. Profound opportunity for healing and relaxation occurs seemingly effortlessly. If you have never experienced a sound "bath" this is the perfect opportunity to dive in!

Tranquility Resonance (w/April)

75 minutes: $175

This exclusive and innovative approach integrates sound healing, energy work, guided meditation, embodiment practices, and mindfulness techniques. A client specific, tailored combination aims to offer ways to alleviate anxiety symptoms and restore equilibrium to your nervous system, promoting a profound sense of calm.

In conjunction with intuitive energy work and expert guidance, tranquil Resonance Therapy delves into the core of anxiety by employing EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy). Through these therapeutic methods, we'll gain insight into the underlying causes of anxiety.

By utilizing meridian acupuncture points and targeted frequencies, we’ll give opportunities to address triggers and thought patterns that underlie anxiety. This process facilitates the release of negative emotions while fostering the cultivation of a positive mindset.


Embark on a transformative journey to experience the serenity and resonance that await you. Take the first step toward a tranquil state today.


Group Alchemy of Resonance (Sound Healing)

45 minutes: $33

A Group Sound Immersion is a beautiful way to unfold into relaxation and wellness. The sessions are an intuitively guided meditative sound experience that is created with intention. Using a variety of sound tools including crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and chimes, your sound alchemist will create harmonic tones and specific frequencies that balance the chakras and energetic fields of the receiver. Every Thursday Evening at 5:15 pm- Class is limited, so please book online in advance. 

Private Sessions and Groups are welcome. Call for more details. 





Quantum Alchemy is a holistic wellness coaching style that honors the path you are on while unveiling the personal growth and holistic wellness tools, you need,  to help you lean in more fully to your best life. 

Resonance Coaching

30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $150

Coaching a process that addresses personal goals and transitions of an individual or couple by examining what is going on in the present moment, obstacles that may be standing in the way of change, and choosing a course of action and tools which will move a person towards their greatest chance at success. It is designed to empower YOU to make decisions and take control of the life you wish to lead. Kimber believes you already possess, within you, everything you need to achieve your goals. She believes her role is to come alongside you and share ideas, accountability, tools, and cheerleading in order for you to dig deep and rise to the occasions you are wanting to manifest in your life. 

Resonance Coaching is an amazing and life-transforming process by which your coach helps you access tools to move forward from the life you live into the life you wish to create. For more descriptive information please click HERE.

Meditation For Change

60 minutes: $75

A personalized and private session of guided meditation and hypnosis can be used to facilitate lasting change in the body, mind, and spirit. A light guided  mediation is used to help aid in healing and profound personal change. Many clients use this as a means to deeper their self-understanding, eliminate unwanted behaviors, or aid in the release of addictions.

Focus Areas can include but are not limited to: Smoking Cessation, Weight Release, Anxieties, and Phobias. **Please Call for full program description and costs for Weight Release (loss) and Smoking Cessation programs. There a 4, 8, and 12-week programs available s as well as single services. **