Rose Wild Alchemy

Resonanace Coaching

What is Resonance Coaching and Who is it for?

 A coaching relationship that addresses the energetic level of personal goals and transitions of an individual or couple by examining what is going on in the present moment through the lens of resonance in order to ascertain, obstacles that may be standing in the way of change, and choosing a course of action and tools which will move a person or persons towards their greatest chance at success. It is designed to empower YOU to make decisions and take control of the life you wish to lead. Each session will address a specific area of change.

Kimber believes you already possess, within you, everything you need to achieve your goals but that energetic blue prints may need to be cleared and resolved to achieve lasting change.  

They  believe the role of a coach is to come alongside you to share tools and cheerleading in order for you allow yourself to manifest health, happiness, abundance, and love in your life.. Resonance Coaching is for anyone wanting to create change in their lives or relationships!

What is unique about Resonance Coaching from other Coaching styles?

Resonance Coaching takes a different spin on traditional coaching as it is highly focused not only on the conscious change but on also transforming unconscious and energetic patterns that may be residing within you and sabotaging your best efforts. By assessing the energetic field, the coaches can uncover hidden messages blocking flow. Through thoughtful use of energy work, guided meditation,  sound healing, and other coaching tools, profound changes occur in the lives and health of their clients!

Stop the Cycles and Move Forward in Ease

Kimber teaches every great change begins with looking inward and then moving forward into the world in a radically new way. It is what revival, death, rebirth, and transformation are all about. The phoenix rising from the ashes is what we, on this planet, do best. What if you were told you no longer have to burn to ashes, and you could shift your awareness to make leaps of conscious change in life-affirming and joyful ways?

 Resonance Coaching will give you tools to access "aha" moments leading to HUGE shifts in areas of your life in areas where you have felt stagnant or stuck. 

Great Change Takes Belief Followed by Action

If you have already put the principles of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in place yet feel there are certain areas of your life that haven't quite moved forward in the manner in which you expected, then Resonance Coaching will help you understand key "alchemical" ingredients which you may have been missing.

You are the only expert of your life who truly knows where you are, but there are alchemal keys that can open your awareness to where you need to go, and how to get there. Our modality is about easing into the flow of life in a heart and soul-centered way through Energetic clearing and change.

What is required to be accepted as a client?

 A desire to change.

A commitment to the process of change.

Personal Belief in a Creator or Source.

Every day we make choices that lead us to a more or less balanced way of walking through our lives. You can access the power to overcome places of unconscious sabotage and lean into a full life, one in which you decide to create the best version of you possible. This program is for those who feel they are ready to make the personal commitment to change and are ready to make their next best steps. Request a free consultation HERE.