Yoga Class Schedule

May - October

ALL classes will be online only.

Yoga is a practice that seeks the union of the polarities of wisdom and energy to transform the understanding of self to encompass our divine nature within the reality in which we find ourselves. We are not just flesh and bone but each possess the divine spark, life force, or what is called prana. When we meet ourselves. on the mat, we have an opportunity to transcend the ordinary and meet mind, body, and spirit in a unified and healing way. \

Our classes are designed to give you the ability to settle into wellness and embrace your body where it is, right now. Each class is personalized and is designed to empower you to lean into restoration. Each yoga class finishes with a wonderful sound bath experience. 

Monday 7pm - Yin Yoga

Tuesday 6pm- Yoga Nidra

Wednesday 9am Vinyasa Flow

Thursday 8am Quantum Alchemy Yoga



Quantum Alchemy yoga seeks to allow space for each individual to unfold into their personally unique state of wellbeing. Each class is spa inspired and will incorporate avenues of wellness such as heated stones, aromatherapy, and sound healing. This class is meant to be a unique spa experience.  Appropriate for all body types and experience levels. 

Vinyasa Flow is meant for those who want to embrace wellness as a strengthening practice. Appropriate for all body types and experience levels. 

Yin Flow is said to be a passive practice, however, it is a practice meant to bring you quietly to the edge and then relax back into the pose for a longer period of time. Our Yin focuses on gentle flow between poses and settling into stillness within the pose. Appropriate for all body types and experience levels. 

Yoga Nidra guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep” or “effortless relaxation”.

Private instruction is also available by appointment. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!